After almost 3 years of planning I started to put on a new tower.

Works are still in progress, basement is ready and tower is up

Only antenna system is missing.

Tower is a 18mt high self standing, with antenna elevator aka hazer from ANGELUCCI

Now I’m working on the rotator, with double worm reductor and DC motor.Picture of me (left) and Boris IK4RSR in Panama Feb 2002

Second class licence in 1989 with the call IW4CET

First class licence in 1990 with the call IK4PMB

I started experimenting packet radio

then in I discovered VHF DX

limiting my activity during the contests

due to my impossibility to build an home station.

In 1992 I put on the roof 2 16 el KLM and I started

to enjoying with tropo ES and FAI

In 1994 I changed the 16 el damaged with 2 13el KLM

and I started to enjoying with HSCW and SSB Meteorscatter

that’s what I prefer in VHF DX.

In 1996 I had to remove my antennas

and start a QRT period long 6 years.

In March 2002 I moved to new house (JN54LL)

and I started to rebuild my station.

The 3rd of june 2002 my last qso was done the 22nd of june 1996

at 1734z i worked EI4IX using a 1/4 wave long out of the window.

The best way to restart my activity.

Now I’m QRV again in 144Mhz

In 2007 I moved in JN54MM where I currently live and I’m qrv.